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Great food and great drinks . . .  what more can you ask for (okay, maybe some great friends to share it with – bring them with you or make new ones here).

We have Greenville’s only authentic wood fired pizza, complete with “leoparding.”  What’s leoparding, you ask?  In a word, flavor.  More specifically, the dark spots on the bottom of a wood fired pizza.  Trust us, it’s delicious.  If pizza isn’t your thing, try a burger, steak, seafood dish, the all-new Gvilly Cheesesteak, or one of our many other entrees, sandwiches, or shareables.  We might be biased, but we think it’s the best food around.  Fit for a king, you might say.

On the drink side, we’ve worked hard to make sure that whatever your drink, you’ll find it at the Castle.  Local craft beer, traditional beer, hard-to-find craft beer, ciders, wine, mixed drinks, craft cocktails . . . we’ve got you covered.